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Working with musicians who aren’t familiar with you could be highly successful or potentially disastrous. Here are 3 ways to do it.

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Another path on the journey toward discipline

I’m realizing more and more that the fruit of many of my struggles come from a certain root.  I am a horribly undisciplined person.

So, starting this week, I’m going to attempt to begin a journey of discipline.  I’m praying for and working on having more discipline in these areas:

  • My devotional life
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Visionary thinking
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Have you been discouraged lately?  I have.  However, something just occurred to me this morning that is probably obvious to most of you and should have been obvious to me: the results of long-term vision don’t always manifest themselves in seeing big things happen right away.

Sometimes the results are quick, obvious, and full of dramatic impact.  However, much more often they are small victories over time that you don’t even notice.  So today, I’m celebrating the small results that have slowly impacted our congregation, specifically in my area of ministry and I’d love to share them.

3 and a half years ago we looked like this:

  • Two regular piano players and a handful of singers
  • An informal audio ministry that consisted of “whoever was willing to do it”
  • Meeting in a school doing portable church every Sunday
  • Hit-or-miss rehearasals

Today we look like this:

  • 6 regular piano players, an organist, 3 acoustic guitarists (and more in the congregation not playing ), one lead guitar (and more in the congregation not playing yet), two percussionists (and more in the congregation not playing yet), almost 20 singers (and more in the congregation not singing yet), and extra instruments from time to time
  • An organized audio ministry with a competent leader
  • Having our own beautiful facility to meet in
  • Consistent rehearsals (for the most part)
  • A music planning team that is highly invested in selecting good music for our meetings

Yes, we do still have some bugs and trials to work out with much of the ministry, but looking back at the past 3 and a half years I am amazed and extremely encouraged.

Question: what fruit have you seen God produce in the last few years that is greatly encouraging to you?

“One dream replaces another and the circle of discontentment starts all over again.”  This is just one of many sum-up-our-culture-in-a-sentence lines that fill the pages of Stephen Altrogge’s new book “The Greener Grass Conspiracy.” (affiliate)  And it’s true. Continue Reading…

Sometimes all it takes is a little teaching and a lot of passion to help someone understand and embrace something.  Enjoy Benjamin Zander in this fantastic TED talk video on music, passion, leadership, and more.  It’s twenty minutes but well-worth the time spent. (RSS readers, if you can’t see the video, click here to visit the site and watch.)

Also be sure to visit worship leader and songwriter Brian Wahl’s website to read his thoughts on how this translates to leading worship within the congregation.  I believe he made some fantastic parallels.

Question: Is there anything in your leadership or love of music that “flipped the switch” or “made it click” for you? Click here to leave a comment.