Last night in my devotions I read through Proverbs 24, and remembered how applicable the Proverbs are for today.  Take a look at vs. 30-34,

I passed by the field of the sluggard And by the vineyard of the man lacking sense, And behold, it was completely overgrown with thistles; Its surface was covered with nettles, And its stone wall was broken down. When I saw, I reflected upon it; I looked, {and} received instruction. A little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to rest,” Then your poverty will come {as} a robber And your want like an armed man.

What do we do with our time?  I know that I have been very guilty lately of wasting a lot of time.  I have spent time on things that were definitely not pleasing to God, and I have spent time on things that, while not necessarily bad, just didn’t profit God’s kingdom at all.

When we spend our time during the day, do we think of the advancement of God’s kingdom?  Do we think of how we can be sharing God’s love with someone?  Or do we think of how we can take “a little folding of the hands to rest.”  While rest is of course good, when we purposefully put off important things just to relax, we get caught in the trap of having an overgrown vineyard with a broken wall.

But praise God that He doesn’t leave us without any power to be able to spend time wisely!  I pray that today you would not ask God for more time, but that you would ask God to help you manage your time more wisely, so that you can offer it to Him in worship!

How do you manage your time?

Many people actually have the spiritual gift of encouragement, and are just natural encouragers.  You feel so motivated around them and just feel a great boost in morale when they talk to you.

But that doesn’t mean that all of us can’t encourage just a little bit.  Paul makes this plea to the church in Thessalonica,

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (I Thess. 5:11)

So many times I get down because I haven’t been encouraged in a day, but I forget that I haven’t encouraged anyone either!  I shouldn’t get depressed when I’m not doing to people what I’d like done to myself!

So I challenge you, make a sacrifice today and take some time to encourage someone.  Take some time to encourage your pastor (especially in this month of pastor appreciation!).  What a great act of worship to our God by taking the time to encourage someone else!

What have you done to encourage someone lately?  How has someone encouraged you?


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It’s good to be back at Lord of Life again.

Yesterday’s songs:

Because of Your Love
Most High God
O God, Our Help
Your Name
You are my King
Faithful One

Vicar Josh’s sermon really hit home to me in one way, which I think all of us as worship leaders, tech leaders, web designers, pastors or whatever should take to heart.  He pointed out that when Moses was struggling with the burden of the Israelites, God took the spirit of Moses and put it onto 70 elders of Israel.  God took Moses’ heart, which was fueled by the Holy Spirit, and gave that same Spirit and heart to the elders.

How often do we think that we can do things on our own?  How often do we feel such heavy burdens and never ask for help?  I know I’m guilty.  Also, how often do we expect those under our leadership to see our vision and catch our spirit if we never share it with them?

Let’s ask God to give us the desire, courage, and humility to be able to ask others to share our burdens and to share with others what our spirit is.


Hey everyone!

It is really good to be back at Lord of Life again.  We had a very fun rehearsal for this upcoming Sunday last night and I’m excited to be able to lead worship again this coming weekend.

The first item about training is a link that I just have to share with anyone reading this.  Anthony Coppedge and Greg Atkinson have teamed up to make this amazingly cool podcast called Creative Synergy.  If you are into technology, into making your staff run smoother, into reaching as many people for Jesus through new and exciting means, this is for you.  Subscribe to it and take a listen.  These guys are interviewing people from all over the world from some great churches and ministries that are making a huge difference.

Secondly, I received a magazine from a video production company called Digital Juice which had a fantastic article in it called “Simple Solutions to Church Media Mistakes.”  In this article, they talked about five simple to fix mistakes that can make a world of difference in how a church presents its media.  I want to focus on one in particular that I think is SO important.

It was #2 on their list, and it was this: Misleading Lyrics.

“If you project lyrics for your songs, you need to time the appearence of the text with the singing carefully.  For a smooth presentation, it is essential that the slides lead, not follow, the singers.”

The magazine mentioned that the problem is that untimely slide changes are a major distraction to people trying to sing what you show.  The solution was absolutely awesome and I hope everyone takes it to heart:

“Attend rehearsals and take good notes.  Meet with the music leader in advance of the rehearsal so you have a full understanding of the order and flow of the service.  The person running the slides is as much a part of the music team as an instrumentalist or vocalist.  Your job is to literally lead the singing. You need to know the songs as well as anyone on the platform.”

Please know that if you are a part of the media team, you are SO important, not only to your worship director, but to the ease of the congregation being able to sing praises to God without distraction.

Thanks so much to all of our volunteers who come to rehearsals, let’s continue to make our services distraction-free so that those coming to any services can focus on God, our Savior, alone!

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Hello all!

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I have returned from vacation and will be posting regularly once more.

It was so awesome to marvel another world that God has created underwater that we don’t ever see up here in the midwest. While snorkeling and watching the schools of fish swimming in their own world, I came upon a spot where a buoy marked deep water. I couldn’t see past the amazing blue color that was in the distance, but I knew that when the psalmist said, “If I go to the depths, You are there,” he wasn’t kidding.

We haven’t even begin to glimpse a portion of the majesty of God. But we have seen and experienced His mercy, so hopefully we will all be able to worship Him in Spirit and Truth and with all our might this week.