The Most Ambitious Giveaway I’ve Seen in Quite a While (From Proclaim Online)

Ryan Egan —  February 18, 2011 — Leave a comment

Proclaim Online's Great Worship Resource Giveaway Logo

I love cloud-based software for churches.  It seems to make the most sense as so many people that are in so many different locations are involved in the ministry work of the church.  I also love smart software.  And, I also love presentation software for churches that makes sense.

I think software that does all of what I just mentioned might be making it’s way to us.  And, boy, do they know how to say “hello!”

Proclaim Online is a new church presentation software being released that’s

  • cloud-based (anyone can access and build the service slides from anywhere)
  • real-time (everything’s updated right away and always on the latest revision)
  • AND has what looks like a built-in announcements section (something that I think many of the other software offerings are lacking, unless they’ve added the feature recently.)

Not only does the software look super useful, they’re also giving away a ton of free stuff from some pretty well-known names in the worship ministry field (Planning Center, Integrity, Worship Leader Magazine, Praisecharts, to name a few).  All you have to do is head on over to Proclaim Online’s website, watch the video, then do what they ask you to do to enter the Great Worship Resource Giveaway.

$25,000 worth of stuff. 100′s of winners.  Multiple opportunities to win.  Great prizes. You can’t beat that, can you?

What prize would you like to win the most?

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