Redeeming a Dark Day – The Halloween or Reformation Battle

Ryan Egan —  October 31, 2010 — Leave a comment

As I gear up to watch Luther tonight to celebrate my denominational heritage and as I also gear up to take my daughter trick-or-treating and be prepared to hand out candy myself I continue to acknowledge the struggle that many Christians (including myself) have every time October 31 comes around.  I’m growing more and more of the opinion that because our God is a God of redemption we should do as much as humanly possible to redeem our culture.

One thing is for sure about this day:  Martin Luther took a stand in the midst of great opposition to do his best to redeem the culture he was a part of.  That is grand and I’m glad to continue to be a part of the result of the Reformation.

Instead of drafting an entire post on the issue I thought it would be helpful to send you to two places I’ve found helpful.

What do you think about participating in Halloween? (and please only answer if you can use sufficient, in-context Scripture references to strongly support your opinion, don’t just say “because it’s evil” :-) )

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