What Do Your Personal Worship Times Look Like?

Ryan Egan —  September 2, 2011 — 13 Comments

One of the key components to being a worship leader who makes an impact is to be sure that you are spending regular time worshiping God in your personal life as well as corporately.  I’m realizing that I’ve been lacking in that area lately and would love to see a picture of what others do.

What do your personal worship times look like?  Structured/unstructured? Prayer/music? Extended Scripture reading? Share in the comments!

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Ryan Egan

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Ryan is a follower of Christ, husband, father, worship leader, & creative. He is heavily involved in the Association of Free Lutheran Churches and desires to teach others to live a life of worship in everything they do.
  • Ted Faszer

    Lots of scripture.  In past my only choice was a paper Bible, but more and more I read scripture online – in a wonderful variety of translations and paraphrases.  Lots of music, starting with great hymns of the faith, and including the best of today.  I sing and play some, and listen to some online.  Lots of silence.  My challenge is to listen to God more than talk.  Lots of just being.  Practicing the presence of Christ 24/7 is tough, but worthwhile.  Focusing on Jesus while doing dishes or yardwork if fun.  It’s not so natural or easy for me during committee meetings.  Being the hands and voice of Jesus to my wife is the most challenging and rewarding.

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Inspiring and challenging.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikegodrick Michael Goodrick

    My personal worship times are a lot of music. It is a simple way for me to get lost and get rid of all distractions. When I’m singing and playing everything else in the world goes away and it lets me whole-heartedly worship my creator. I agree with Ted in a lot of time I’m just playing and listening. I find myself hungry for what God has to say to me when I’m engulfed in that worship. If I just sit down to read my bible, or sit down in my office alone my mind goes crazy with all the things on my to do list. When I’m playing guitar its like that part of my brain is occupied and I can focus completely on him.

  • Ted Faszer

    Thanks, Michael!  It’s soul nurturing to love God with your heart, while your brain (and your hands) are occupied.  How do you love God with your mind?

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    So true, Michael. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    Great question, Ted!

  • http://www.journeyofworship.com Chris Gambill

    Music plays a part, but I found that regular time in the Scripture and times of silence to be invaluable. It’s easy to constantly be listening and viewing something (and there is time for that), but it’s harder to be quiet. Listening for and knowing the voice of God is something that I find incredibly valuable personally and in leading. I haven’t always done this well, but then I realize, regroup, and move forward. Plus, constantly trying to aware of where and how God is moving. That’s hard.

  • Anonymous

    Great question Ryan.

    I go in spurts…sometimes structured, sometimes not…

    What I have found to be the most revealing and thrilling is to sing the Psalms with my own
    melody “me and my guitar and bible”. I often use NLT for this, just
    open my bible and start playing a chord progression. I really like to journal -
    write down one phrase like “Jesus is ___________” or “Thank you
    God for ________” and finish it as many times as I can. I’ve also taken a
    scripture passage and rewritten it over and over and over again for X amount of
    time. God reveals himself in endless ways – I think it is good to explore that!

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    These are definitely some ways I’ve never thought of before. Thanks so much for sharing your “routine” (couldn’t think of a better word, as I know it’s not routine!)

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    “It’s harder to be quiet.” You are so right about that. Silence is something we tend to shy away from and it’s probably something we need more and more of today.

  • Anonymous

    They’re seasons of routines! :)

  • Tedfaszer

    Powerful insights, Chris! 

    The world, the flesh and the devil scream, “Look at me!”  It takes intention to hear God’s still small voice, and desire to cut the noise pollution.  God bless you Chris, as you realize, regroup and tune your awareness to where and how God is moving!  It’s hard, but rewarding!

    “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God,” Psalm 42:1.

  • Tedfaszer

    Thanks, jgang! 

    Singing the scripture is a beautiful way to connect with God!  Writing and rewriting scripture is too. 

    Have you tried praying the scripture, using the exact words,scripture or your own paraphrase to talk with God?  The Psalms are the perfect for this.  Every human emotion is expressed in the Psalms.

    Journaling is great too!