Passion, Pride, & Pretense

Ryan Egan —  March 27, 2012 — 8 Comments

I found out a while ago that I am, in fact, Norwegian.  My blood grandfather was full-blooded Norwegian.  That might explain why I find myself drawn into and at home in the Lutheran church.  That might explain why I tend to be a bit more “stoic” and “melancholy” at times.

But, I am an artist.  I’m also a performer.  I’m also part Irish, which pretty much throws all of the above paragraph out the window.

Is It Passion or Performance?

All of this leads me to a question: is it possible to be a passionate follower of Christ, more specifically, in my case, a passionate follower of Christ who happens to be a worship leader, and not show intense emotion?

I was evaluated by a dear friend and trainer and one of things he told me is that I needed more passion and more enthusiasm.  Is that me?

Throughout my high school and college life I’ve always performed.  I was in theatre, band, choir, musicals, you name it.  I can put on a different self fairly quickly.  The question then: is that a dangerous place to be?

Can Performance Become Genuine Passion?

When I get up to lead on Sunday morning, do I “put on a different self” and force myself to act with more passion and enthusiasm to help lead the congregation in that way or does that become a show or a pretense?  Can this type of passion be learned and nurtured and become genuine?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, and I’d love your help. Do you deal with this situation in your own life and if so, how do you address it?

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