Outstanding & Amazing – Sojourn Music Does it Again (The Water and the Blood)

Ryan Egan —  April 26, 2011 — 5 Comments

Sojourn CD Release Good Friday 2011-86

I have nothing but immense respect for a group of musicians, songwriters, and church leaders from a vibrant community of worship.

I first heard about them with their Advent Songs project (one of the best recordings of Christmas music I’ve ever heard), then was blown away by the first installment of Over the Grave – The Hymns of Isaac Watts, am in love with their split EP that was recently released, and now they’ve done it again.

Sojourn Music’s second Isaac Watts installment “The Water and the Blood” is now available and although I don’t actually have a copy yet I know without a doubt from the bits and pieces that I’ve heard that it is a phenomenal collection of music that is a must, not just for worship leaders, but for music-lovers in general.

Here’s what I love about what they’re doing:

  • Their sound is completely different than anything I’ve ever heard in the typical “worship song” style
  • The music is innovative, modern, and fresh yet they are using centuries-old lyrics that stand the test of time and communicate deep truth as the words
  • Their musicianship is stellar AND doctrine is solid and unambiguous

Apart from the fact that their skills at both performing and writing songs are amazing, Sojourn Church’s leaders, musicians, and songwriters are humble people of God who are successfully merging ancient and new into a deeply truthful, relevant, and meaningful mode of worship.

While the overall style of their music might not be a good fit for all congregations (or even all listeners, if you have a narrow musical taste), people with open ears for many styles of music can have a renewed love of music, truth, theology, and poetry by enjoying this new offering and their previous offerings.

And, for you hard-core audiophiles out there, a vinyl copy of The Water and the Blood (which includes a digital download, CD version, and more) is available for a limited time. I’ll post a full review once I have a copy of the album.

Question: What’s the most innovative or surprising “worship” album you’ve come across recently?

photo by Chuck Heeke

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  • Stephen Altrogge

    I gotta admit, this Sojourn record wasn’t my favorite. I feel like it was lacking the creative melodies that the other albums had.

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    I’ve been listening to the recording and living it for a while now I think I agree with you, Stephen. However, the creative collective that they’ve come up with makes this an outstanding part of the whole package they’re offering. I don’t think the melodies are necessarily outstanding but the production (and the way it was produced) the style, and the vibe of the record make it a fantastic piece of the overall Sojourn music experience.

  • http://profiles.google.com/saintlewismusic shannon lewis

    I think I agree with Stephen, which is why my review states that I didn’t find anything quite as “corporate” here, however I agree with Ryan that the authenticity of the performances and the near perfect production makes this a very powerful personal worship experience for me at home.  Love it, in spite of the lack of uber-memorable melodies.

  • Amy

    I just bought this album because of your blog! Thanks! I admit I’m pretty excitable when it comes to music, but I haven’t been this excited about anything since I discovered Keith and Kristyn Getty (which really wasn’t all that long ago… :D ) Anyway, as a fellow obsessive music lover, you probably know all about Newworldson, but I thought I’d mention them. They are not strictly worship, but they have a similar sound to Sojourn.

    Again, thanks for introducing me to this music! And for anyone who hasn’t got it yet, you can go to their website, http://www.sojournmusic.bandcamp.com, and get an instant download+a physical copy for $12. That’s the same price they are charging for just the instant download!

  • http://www.iamanoffering.com iamanoffering

    Hi Amy! Wow – I’m so humbled to know I influenced you to purchase the album. Thanks for letting me know. I actually have not heard of Newworldson. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!