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I’ve begun reading Daniel I. Block’s “For the Glory of God – Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship.” I love it so far and share some initial thoughts about the book.

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Times have changed, and quickly. It is very easy to get lost in the current culture of our world, from iOS updates to finding the latest and greatest thing. But sometimes something stops us in our tracks and makes us ask, “Where is faith like that in my life?”

Keith & Kristyn Getty, modern hymn-writers and a huge inspiration to me, recently shared a prayer from Kristyn’s grandmother that was written in 1932. The prayer was prayed over her desk, consecrating it that it:

everything written and prepared thereon may be done with the singleness of mind to His honour and glory… (full text here)

I know praying over “things” needs to be done with discernment, as these things don’t have life. However, she didn’t pray for the desk, she consecrated that particular area in her home that it would be used for God’s glory.

It leads me to several questions and a plea for grace and wisdom today as I ask:

  • Do I consecrate the things that I use that they would be used for God’s glory and not my pleasure? (for instance, my iPhone, iPad, car, office desk, musical instruments, insert your trade tool here)
  • Do I pray over my children at every opportunity, praying that they would grow into authentic followers of Christ and live for His glory?
  • God, will you take away the pursuit of selfish things in my life and help me live every moment like this?

These are good questions to ask as we seek to understand what living a life of worship really looks like in every area of our lives. One song I’ve been listening to a lot lately is off of Sovereign Grace Music’s new album “Grace Has Come” called “My Life is an Offering,” which is a wonderful prayer based on Romans 12:1-2, where “I am an Offering” comes from. Take a listen below:

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Another path on the journey toward discipline

I’m realizing more and more that the fruit of many of my struggles come from a certain root.  I am a horribly undisciplined person.

So, starting this week, I’m going to attempt to begin a journey of discipline.  I’m praying for and working on having more discipline in these areas:

  • My devotional life
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Visionary thinking
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Sacrifice Makes You Tired

Ryan Egan —  April 20, 2011 — 13 Comments

I’m tired lately.  I’m tired of waiting.  I’m tired of God telling me to “be patient.”  I’m tired of dreaming big dreams but not having the time or means to execute them.  And I’m just plain tired physically and mentally.

And I’m wondering if it’s okay.  I’m sacrificing sleep in order to both keep my house in order and do a second “job” that doesn’t pay me anything but provide the fuel for what I’m passionate about.  I’m sacrificing my dreams and passions in order to provide for my family so that I don’t sacrifice our security.

It’s hard to balance life when certain sacrifices lead you to security but decreased involvement in what you’re truly passionate about and when other sacrifices lead you to a lack of sleep and rest but increased involvement in your dreams and passions.

Is this a life of worship? I don’t know.  I just know that I’m doing my best to honor God in my 8-hour workday, taking care of my wife and daughter, AND in attempting to work as a passionate volunteer for the church.  I’m trying to follow the command to “whatever you do, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” from Colossians 3. But I’m tired.  And it’s hard lately.  Maybe I’m missing something.

Question: How do you balance a full-time job, family life, and what you’re REALLY passionate about? Click here to leave a comment.

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Picture of a Bible with pages folded into a heart

I hear the screams of my little one from behind the closed door as I wait for her to come back to the hospital room to where she’s been admitted.  “Stop!  No more!  I want to go HOME NOW!” are the words heard through frantic tears and cries as the nurses try three times to get in an IV.

I want to come home, too, my precious little one, and I know your mommy feels it even more.  But we’re here.  We’re here for you.  We’re sacrificing our desire to be at home and relaxing so that these doctors and nurses can help you.  We’re sacrificing luxuries that money could buy to make sure we pay whatever it takes to care for you.

I wish you could understand.  Even though you are the only 3-year-old I’ve ever met that can lay comfortably in a hospital bed for two days and only ask “Can we go home” a few times I know your little mind doesn’t truly comprehend what’s going on or how much we cherish you.

The countless hours spent preparing your medical equipment, the countless times we’ve cleaned up after you’ve gotten sick, the amount of money we’ve spent to make sure you are strong; it’s all worth it because you are ours.  Your mommy and your daddy love you more than you could ever imagine and hopefully you’re at least getting a little glimmer of that love that someday you’ll understand.

And that’s when I think of my Daddy.  My Heavenly Father who says, “I’m allowing you this season of your life so that you’ll grow and learn.  I’m teaching you patience so that you’ll be able to look back one day and understand.  I’m allowing trials to strengthen your faith.  I love you even more than you love your daughter because you are mine.  I sacrificed more than anything you could ever dream of.  For you.”

I hope that I can realize that the sacrifices I make for my precious child are nothing compared to what God has done for me.  I also hope I can realize more and more that because of what He did for me, my sacrifices for her mean everything.  They mean that someday she’ll begin to see an accurate picture of who her Heavenly Father is through me.  It’s a monumental task and one in which I will fail often.  But today my prayer is this, “Let me be to her what You are to me.”

Love to you, my beautiful daughter, from Daddy.

Love to you, my precious son, bought with the blood of the One that gave everything for you, from Daddy.

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